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Amazing photographer with a unique style of shooting. Gets the perfect shot every time! 
Jase H.
Erika is a talented photographer. She takes her time with her clients, accommodating to each, which creates a unique set of prints every time. My husband has her number on speed dial and I am always amazed with the finished product. He has a unique style, and she tailors to it every time.  When I needed to take pregnancy photos, Erika was our first and only choice. I am a very reserved, & shy individual when it comes to taking photos but she made me feel at ease, & it showed through the photos. I was beyond excited.  My husband and I also took our son to one of her holiday shoots; Easter and it was fab. Um, she had bunnies on set, and that created an even cuter set of prints I could have imagined with my son who is handful.  I am eager to set up another appointment with her in a few months for another pregnancy shoot.  I total trust Erika, and recommend her to any and all needed shoots.
Emma J.
Very talented and caring photographer. She cares about the final product not just taking the pictures, which is truly priceless! You are in good hands with a photographer who cares about how you look and will adjust you or herself in order to do so. I would recommend her services to anyone knowing she will get the job done and do it well!
Maria A.
Extremely professional and talented photographer. Erika has been doing our family pictures for many years now and I refuse to go any where else. Her patience and creativity especially with our children is what really sets her apart.
Norma P.
If you're looking to be wowed, definitely choose Erika Perez Photography! She not only comes up with amazing ideas, is super patient, and extremely professional, but she is able to capture the tiniest details to make your special event unforgettable.
Arelis C.
Amazing photographer. The shots needed were the shots taken. She is very outgoing. I would not think twice before hiring Erika again.
Jossy R.
I'm at a lost for words for what type of photographer Erika is. She's very talented. She always makes sure you, or if shooting with your family are comfortable. And she always makes sure to take your ideas into consideration. She always makes sure you are satisfied with your pictures. She has her own unique way of shooting and delivering your final product. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. I love her and her work!
Hellen O.
Amazing photography, super patient and wonderful with children.
Isabelli R. 
Erika is a very talented and passionate photographer. She is great with children. My son was camera shy during his 1st photo shoot with her and she took the time to make him feel comfortable. She made sure to capture precious moments that I will forever treasure. Her work is amazing! I would recommend Erika to anyone looking for a photographer. You will definitely be happy with the quality of the photos!
Lourdes M.
Erika took pictures of my grandson  to commemorate his first birthday. She captured him in various poses with good props and the right smiles and gestures. They are exquisite and shall be treasured for years to come. I highly recommend her photographic work.
My beautiful wife Jossy R. couldn't say it better and I agree with her, we would not ever think twice about hiring you again sweetie.  You are damn good at what you do and still three years later I look at my pictures with this dumb look on my face like wow, I can't believe how beautiful our pictures look still to this day. Love it, you sure put the wow in wow. Keep it up sweetie.
Anthony V.
Erika was great with my twins. She made them feel at ease and comfortable. She took some great shots of them. Her son was also the perfect little helper, he made silly faces to make my kids smile. We did a Valentine's mini shoot. 
Jessica O.
Erika is an extremely talented person who is willing to mix artistry with professionalism to get wonderful results. Her photography is second to none, an attribute eclipsed only by the excellence of her character. Shooting with her was a great experience through and through.
John D.
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