Erika Perez
Erika Perez, Photographer at E.Perez Photography ( 
Born June 27, 1986 in New Jersey and raised her entire life in Miami, FL. Since Erika was a child she has always loved taking pictures, She graduated with a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism and is looking into a Photo Journalistic Career. Erika first started out trying to become a model but since she is not 5'8 & didn't have the prettiest smile, in 2003 she decided to take her hobby as a career. She has been lucky to shoot beautiful places such as Miami, FL - New York, NY - Las Vegas, NV - Santa Monica, CA - Niagara Falls, Canada and Salzburg, Austria to name a few. She has been published in a few magazines such as: Moda Fashion Magazine, House of Style Magazine, Kids Modeling Magazine and Fashion Place Unlimited. Erika loves her camera; every flick of the shutter is like a beat of her heart, she loves capturing all of lifes joy & beauty. Life is just coming to a start for her and she is going to enjoy it to every seconds fullest while capturing it on digital film. She doesn't just take a picture, she captures the moment. 

Oh and something else thats cool, Im a local Cosplayer, check out instagram @ErikaCosplay 
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