Erika Perez
Erika Perez, Photographer at E.Perez Photography ( 
was born June 27, 1986 in New Jersey and raised her entire life in Miami, FL. Since Erika was a child she has always loved taking pictures, she graduated with a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism and was looking into a Photo Journalistic Career. 
Erika first started out trying to become a model but since she is not 5'8 & didn't have the prettiest smile, in 2003 she decided to take her hobby as a career. The industry was surrounded with their own standards of beauty and since then she wanted to make sure who me ever she captured images of  felt beautiful and confident in their own skin. 
Erika has been lucky enough to shoot beautiful places in her own home of Miami, FL as well as New York, NY - Stamford, CT - Las Vegas, NV - Santa Monica, CA - Niagara Falls, Canada and Salzburg, Austria to name a few. She has been published in a few online and printed magazines and has worked with many artists. 
 Erika loves her camera; every flick of the shutter is like a beat of her heart, she loves capturing all of lifes joy & beauty. Life is just coming to a start for her and she is going to enjoy it to every seconds fullest while capturing it on digital film. She doesn't just take a picture, she captures the moment. 
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